COVID-19 Update

We are happy to welcome you back! We are open with reduced capacity but with no less love for what we do. The menu had to be scaled back so please be gentle if we don't have one of your favorites. We'll be bringing most everything back at some point but for now we apologize for any inconvenience. Our takeout window is now open so carry out is easier than ever, and we still offer limited delivery. We will increase sitting capacity once we all feel safe sitting next to a stranger, but as always, we love to feed you whether it's here or at home. We are eternally grateful for your support and we love you.

Cheers! - Chef Rulis

See the precautions we're taking to ensure safe delivery!

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Discover Remarkable Chef Creations at Rulis' International Kitchen

Brilliantly combined international cuisine in El Paso, TX
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If you're in the mood for exceptional, homemade internationally inspired cuisine, come by Rulis' International Kitchen tonight. Rulis' is your local bar & grill in El Paso, TX, serving some of the highest-quality food creations that are sure to satisfy.

Our fusion style of food is inspired by many countries, combining flavors and elements made prominent by many different cultures. Latin, Asian, Middle Eastern, European and, of course, American cuisines are all well-represented on our menu. Every meal is prepared using only the highest-quality ingredients.

From soups and sandwiches to tapas and paninis, you can get something familiar or completely different all in one place - Rulis' International Kitchen.

Comfortable and casual atmosphere

At Rulis' International Kitchen, we want everyone to come in and feel comfortable at our restaurant. Our fusion restaurant in El Paso, TX, not only combines different flavors for our dishes, we also combine different tones to create our atmosphere. Self-described as a "gourmet dive," Rulis' wants to be the place where you can come and grab an amazing meal at a casual and comfortable place.

Incredible selection of beer and wine

At Rulis', you can accent your delicious meal with one of our many choice beverages. We have over 90 different craft beers to choose from, as well as plenty of exceptional wine choices. Our staff can help recommend which beverages pair best with certain dishes to bring out the flavor in both. Such a personalized experience like this at a casual place like Rulis' International Kitchen is simply extraordinary.

Experience high-quality food with a personal touch

Our chef is extremely experienced and familiar with a variety of food from different cultures. He creates his own little melting pot at Rulis' International Kitchen, blending together flavors from all over the world.

It's time that you visit one of the first chef-driven restaurants in the El Paso area. Come and see what everyone is talking about and come to Rulis' International Kitchen today or speak with our team at (915) 313-4806.

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