Rulis International Kitchen

About us

Rulis’ International Kitchen has been serving the El Paso area with delicious, internationally-inspired cuisine since 2008. Our fusion restaurant is a gourmet dive of sorts, blending together high-quality food with a casual and comfortable atmosphere.

Our cuisine represents many different countries and cultures. Every meal is homemade straight from our chef and his staff, using only the highest ingredients. You'll find everything from traditional options to more out-of-the-ordinary items - it all depends on how adventurous you're feeling when you come by

At Rulis', we strongly value our customers. Whether you're coming to grab a quick craft beer or dining with the entire family, you will be taken care of by our exceptional staff.

Rulis Gonzalez, our chef, leads an incredible line of cooks that consistently deliver exceptional dishes for our customers at Rulis' International Kitchen. Gonzalez has been cooking since he was 15. Throughout his years, he has become extremely knowledgeable of the different kinds of food from across the world and how it all has evolved. Food is truly inspirational for Gonzalez, so he dedicated to open up his own restaurant in April of 2008.

At Rulis', great people sharing great food is what it's all about. When you come to Rulis' International Kitchen, you'll be treated like our family. Come by and try our exceptional international cuisine in El Paso, TX, tonight.