Ribeye dinner: 12-oz grilled ribeye served with mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, and choice of small Caesar salad or cup of soup (please allow adequate cooking time). . . $24
Shrimp tacos: three corn tortillas stuffed with shrimp, bacon and mango-avocado salsa served with a side of slaw . . . $10
Moules Frites: Traditional Belgian bar food! Green-lipped New Zealand mussles steamed and served with French fries . . . $9 (double down add $6)
Saku tuna: rare saku tuna steak served with rice and toreado dipping sauce . . . $14 (double down add $10)


Chicken/Pesto: Bow tie pasta, grilled chicken breast and basil-cilantro-almond pesto topped with Parmesan cheese . . . $10
Chihuahua: linguine with chunky tomato sauce simmered with chorizo, peppers, Mexican spices and tossed with grilled steak, chipotle sausage & queso fresco . . . $16
Pasta rustica (v): linguine, portobello mushrooms, yellow and red sweet peppers, asparagus and sweet red onions topped with feta cheese . . . $14